Miss Magic® is known to create quite a stir. On the shelving for being so remarkable. At home for adding a spark to every occasion. Our out-of-the-ordinary products strike curiosity. Adding a touch of magic to lunch, get-togethers and while cooking.

By stirring cream cheese with other delightful ingredients, we get to bring wonderful treats. From our varient Fresh Herbs to the variant Grilled Vegetables: taste buds are in for a surprise and will be mesmerized. There's no secret to our success. Just a tiny bit of magic.

Miss Magic®

tastes wonderful

Spread Miss Magic® Cream Dip on bread or toast. Or dip carrots or cucumber in it. It's all up to you. But know this: your get-togethers will never be the same. A murmur will arise and faces will look surprised. "What's that unbelievable exciting taste?" Well it all starts with stirring our dip with cream cheese and fresh herbs. Then finishing it off with a tiny bit of magic...

Miss Magic®

CREAM DIP with Fresh Herbs

The biggest success factor of Miss Magic® is its freshness. The parsley, leek and garlic...it is all fresh when it enters the little bucket with real cream cheese. That is why Miss Magic® has a limited shelf life. This won't be a problem of course, as true connoisseurs know how irresistible this great cream dip is.

Miss Magic®

CREAM DIP with Tomato basil

The colour of Miss Magic® Cream dip with Tomato Basil gives an especially festive flair to the table. However, it's all about the flavour. Tomatoes, basil and fresh parsley put you under a magical spell.

Miss Magic®

CREAM DIP with sweet chili coriander

With drinks comes a triple spell. Apart from Fresh Herbs, Tomato Basil and Grilled Vegetables there is also Miss Magic® Cream dip with Sweet Chili Coriander. This time, the magic comes from across the border, from the Oriental kitchen. You will discover an extraordinary balance between the flavours of sweet chili and coriander.

Miss Magic®

CREAM DIP with grilled vegatables

Bell pepper, eggplant, onion, and zucchini are not only delicious to grill... they now also make for tasty spreads and dips! White balsamic vinegar combined with our familiar touch of magic is what makes this product so very flavourful. This product of Miss Magic® takes you to magical Mediterranean places... an excellent choice for a most enchanting social gathering!



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