Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Miss Magic® Cream Dip made of?

The basic ingredients are: cream cheese and fresh herbs. The complete list of ingredients can be found on the packaging.

What can Miss Magic® Cream Dip be used for?

Miss Magic® Cream Dip is indispensable when having drinks (on a piece of toast, freshly baked baguette or crudités). You can spread it, but do feel free to dip. How about a sandwich or a sub with Miss Magic® Cream Dip? It tastes great with cheese, ham or salmon, for example. You could also make a BLT or Club Sandwich with Miss Magic® Cream Dip. Do you like to cook? The unique flavour and texture of Miss Magic® Cream Dip makes for an excellent combination with meat, fish or pasta. In short: fresh, refreshing and surprising at any time of day. Let yourself be inspired by serving tips and recipes on this site. Do you have your own tasty variations? Let us know via or fill in the contact form.

Is Miss Magic® Cream Dip suitable for vegetarians?

All Miss Magic® Cream Dip products are suitable for vegetarians.

Can I eat Miss Magic® Cream Dip if I'm pregnant?

Pregnant women are advised not to eat raw milk products; Miss Magic® Cream Dip is prepared with pasteurised cow's milk, which means that pregnant women can safely eat it.

Does Miss Magic® Cream Dip contain gluten?

Miss Magic® Cream Dip does not contain gluten.

How long can I store Miss Magic® Cream Dip once I've opened the cup?

Unopened, you can store Miss Magic® Cream Dip in the refrigerator at temperatures below 7 degrees until the best before date. Once opened, Miss Magic® Cream Dip should be consumed within a few days. If you not only use Miss Magic® Cream Dip on a baguette or piece of toast, but also use it in your dishes, you can enjoy it even more often!

Can I put Miss Magic® Cream Dip in the freezer?

Unfortunately, Miss Magic® Cream Dip cannot be stored in the freezer, because the product's texture breaks down at these cold temperatures.



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